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Heritage Wealth Management was founded in 2000 to help Utah residents find peace of mind when planning their retirement. No matter where you are on your journey, our goal is to help you get there with enough saved to thoroughly enjoy all that retirement has to offer. Whether planning ahead and working to create wealth, preserving wealth and beginning to transition to retirement, or protecting your retirement lifestyle through income planning, we are here to help put a plan in place for affording life’s milestones.


When you work with Heritage Wealth Management, we help you focus on reaching your retirement goals. We put your financial needs first in a number of ways…


  • We are focused on education. The retirement planning process is often complex, and we strive to help you understand your options every step of the way. We want you to be completely informed about any strategies we recommend in order to help you reach your financial goals.

  • We are completely independent. Because we aren’t affiliated with a large Wall Street bank or investment firm, we don’t have anyone dictating what products are best for our clients. Instead, we honor our fiduciary duty and always work in our clients’ best interests.

  • We are comprehensive. Our holistic approach is designed to help you plan for and reach all of life’s important milestones, whether providing for a child’s college education, helping aging parents with estate planning or creating a sustainable income stream for retirement, we are here for all of your needs.

  • We are results-oriented. All financial planning performed on your behalf is done with the end result in mind: helping you to reach your retirement destination.

  • You can expect unparalleled customer service. We return all calls within 24 hours but aim to get back to you immediately.


Schedule a free consultation with Heritage Wealth Management today to learn more about our client-centric approach to wealth management, investment advisory and asset preservation.


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Fiduciary duty extends solely to investment advisory advice and does not extend to other activities such as insurance product sales, including annuities, life insurance, and long term care insurance or broker dealer services. Advisory clients are charged a monthly fee for assets under management while insurance products pay a commission, which may result in a conflict of interest regarding compensation. IAR is also a licensed insurance agent. In this capacity, IAR may offer fixed life insurance products and receive normal and customary commissions. The client is under no obligation to purchase products through IAR on a commissionable basis. In addition, IAR may receive other compensation such as fixed or variable life trails. The potential for receipt of commissions and other compensation when IAR acts as an insurance agent may give IAR an incentive to recommend insurance products based on the compensation received.

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