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The 5 Must Do’s for Financial Independence

  1. Pay yourself 1st! 

  • It’s not what you make… it’s what you keep!

  • Keep 10% of your Gross Income for Yourself.

  • It will become about your Income not your Lump Sum.


   2. Build an Emergency Fund!

  • From the 10% build a $5,000 emergency fund then work towards 6 months of emergency funds.


   3. Get out of Debt!

  • A Budget is the Basic Financial Fundamental for all Financial Planning! Create a Budget!

  • Without using your 10%... Start by paying off your smallest balance owed working to the largest. 

  • Be Persistent!


   4. Invest Wisely!

  • Make your Home a Profitable Investment.

  • Pay off your mortgage!


   5. Point of Choice!

  • When is your Independence Day?

  • Give Back… Build a Legacy. 


Contact Heritage Wealth Management for help with your plan! 

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